30 jun. 2015

Image convolution

In this post I want explain a one of the most common and simple algorithm used in image processing. I will give a very basic introduction to its mathematical formulation, the source code in C++/Qt, and a some output examples.

27 jun. 2015

Webcamoid 6.1.0 ready, what next?

5 months passed after the last release, in this post I want to explain why Webcamoid's development is going such slow, and what features I are planned for the next releases.

Download Webcamoid 6.1.0

5 feb. 2015

Webcamoid for Windows is almost complete

A few days after my last post, I made all necessary changes to make Webcamoid works in Windows. So basically, Webcamoid is the first Free Open Source and multiplatform webcam suite, true fact :)

27 ene. 2015

Webcamoid 6.0.0, How it will look like?

Four months has passed since the last post, so, what is the current development status of Webcamoid 6.x series? Well it looks this:

1 oct. 2014

Released Webcamoid 5.1.0 and going to the next step.

Yesterday, I've released Webcamoid 5.1.0. This release includes many improvements and changes, the most important changes are:
  • From now on, Webcamod will be developed using Qt5. Qt4 can be considered as an obsolete technology.
  • Dependency reduction. This makes the program easy to port to many platforms with minimal effort, reduces the bugs caused by 3rd-party libraries, and reduces the disk usage.
  • Webcamoid born as a KDE plasmoid, but since KDE is in transition from Qt4 to Qt5, and Qt5 plugins aren't compatible with Qt4, I must remove the plasmoid. The development and survival of Webcamoid is a priority.
  • Webcamoid for Windows is near. Only a few patches are needed. This is necessary because Webcamoid adoption in GNU/Linux is not going so well (people seems not to be interested and I don't know why), and this strategy can give a boost to the project.
And now let's see what comes for the next release (Webcamoid 6.0.0).