Jul 26, 2012

Sequences alignment in Python

One of the uses of the LCS algorithm is the Sequences Alignment algorithm (SAA). The SAA is useful for comparing the evolution of a sequence (a list of characteristic elements) from one state to another, and is widely used by biomedics for comparing DNA, RNA and proteins; SAA is also used for comparing two text and finding their differences, like the *nix's diff tool.

Longest Common Subsequence in Python (version 2.0)

In one of my previous posts I was implemented the Longest Common Subsequence algorithm using string shifting. Now I was enhanced the algorithm, simplified the code, and fixed some issues. Following the SC:

Jul 9, 2012

Carnival LiveCam & the mockups 3

Finally, after several weeks of hard work in my other proyects, I pleased to show you the new Carnival LiveCam mockup for videoconferences with a modern, intuitive and very simple touch design.