Oct 1, 2014

Released Webcamoid 5.1.0 and going to the next step.

Yesterday, I've released Webcamoid 5.1.0. This release includes many improvements and changes, the most important changes are:
  • From now on, Webcamod will be developed using Qt5. Qt4 can be considered as an obsolete technology.
  • Dependency reduction. This makes the program easy to port to many platforms with minimal effort, reduces the bugs caused by 3rd-party libraries, and reduces the disk usage.
  • Webcamoid born as a KDE plasmoid, but since KDE is in transition from Qt4 to Qt5, and Qt5 plugins aren't compatible with Qt4, I must remove the plasmoid. The development and survival of Webcamoid is a priority.
  • Webcamoid for Windows is near. Only a few patches are needed. This is necessary because Webcamoid adoption in GNU/Linux is not going so well (people seems not to be interested and I don't know why), and this strategy can give a boost to the project.
And now let's see what comes for the next release (Webcamoid 6.0.0).