Jan 27, 2015

Webcamoid 6.0.0, How it will look like?

Four months has passed since the last post, so, what is the current development status of Webcamoid 6.x series? Well it looks this:

In this screen capture you can see the webcam selection (left side) and configuration (right side) panels. Of couse, you can add videos, and url links as well, using the big green "+" (plus) button. Webcams and desktop are automatically added, and can't be removed. For now, only webcams has configuration options

Here you can see the effects configuration panels, here you can add or remove some nice effects to your video, As in previous versions, you can combine the effects to obtain a new one, but since some effects are resource hungry, I'm not completely sure of keeping available that option.

Some effects has more, less or none configuration options.

I'm satisfied and proud of the new reworked Matrix like effect :) . I worked many days to obtain the perfect look & fell, with the most complete number of options, font family, font size, colors, speed, everything you can configure is there!

This are the panels where you can control the video recording options.

This panel is used to control some general options like sound. It will be filled with more options in a future.

And finally, this is the clean interface with the description globe, when you mouse is over an option.

Thats all for now, what is left to do is remove some bug and polish some details, and Webcamoid will be ready to use :)

Oh, and if you're wondering, the Me!Me!Me! picture is taken from here.

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