Jun 27, 2015

Webcamoid 6.1.0 ready, what next?

5 months passed after the last release, in this post I want to explain why Webcamoid's development is going such slow, and what features I are planned for the next releases.

Download Webcamoid 6.1.0

Webcamoid vs OpenCV

The last months I spent a lot of time working in my own object detection framework to replace OpenCV. OpenCV is a mature computer vision software with a large development team, so, why I need to replace such wonderful piece of software? I had many reasons.

Problems compiling in Debian/Ubuntu

May be you are aware of situation of FFmpeg and it's fork, Libav and the role of the Debian developers in this respect. So, what is the relation between Webcamoid, FFmpeg, Libav and OpenCV? Webcamoid depends on FFmpeg and OpenCV, but in Debian and Ubuntu, OpenCV also depends on Libav, but you can't link your program to FFmpeg and Libav at same time because both frameworks share the same API, and the build fails.

Problems compiling in Chakra

Same problem as before, but this time with the version of Qt, Webcamoid depends on Qt5, but OpenCV depend on Qt4, thanks to Enrique Bravo for keep me informed of this bug.

Compiling OpenCV in Windows

Yes it is, for the number of dependencies it requires.


No OpenCV in Android

Or rather, there is not android-opencv package in AUR.


Webcamoid vs Windows

In my last post I've announced the port of Webcamoid to Windows, well... it seems will not happen in middle time. Seems that Angle removed compatibility with DirectX versions older than DX11, or some thing like that, because I can't run Webcamoid in Wine anymore.

If that were not enough, Qt Creator stopped working in my Windows installation :/

So, what next?

This is the TODO list of Webcamoid. In my next release I will center the work on removing FFmpeg dependencies for video and audio conversion. Then my idea is to make FFmpeg optional, and give a temporary option to compile with GStreamer, why? because FFmpeg is banned from OpenSUSE and Fedora repositories, so, using GStreamer will allow me to compile Webcamoid using OBS.

Also, I want to add support for OpenMax, so Webcamoid can be compiled for Android.

Thats all, stay tunned :)

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